STAMFORD, CT – May 22, 2017 – The Stamford Public Education Foundation (SPEF), a local non-profit organization that has served thousands of students and their families since 1996, today announced that Fairfield County’s Community Foundation has awarded SPEF a $25,000 grant to support its operating costs.

SPEF provides programs and resources that elevate student, educator and parent success. Grants to its operating expenses, such as the one received from FCCF, help it staff its programs and run its agency more effectively. Highlights of SPEF’s activities during the 2016-17 school year include:

  • Providing its nationally-recognized mentoring program to 16 of Stamford Public Schools and over 850 students
  • Providing over 16,000 hours of professional math tutoring
  • Distributing over 5,000 free books
  • Welcoming the Parent Leadership Training Institute and the Odyssey of the Mind programs into the SPEF family

Also, for the first time in SPEF’s history, it is providing programming to all 21 of Stamford’s public schools, plus J. M. Wright Technical High School.

About Fairfield County’s Community Foundation (FCCF):  FCCF promotes philanthropy as a means to create change in Fairfield County, focusing on innovative and collaborative solutions to critical issues impacting the community.  Individuals, families, corporations and organizations can establish charitable funds or contribute to existing funds. The Community Foundation is in compliance with the Council on Foundations’ national standards, and has awarded over $180 million in grants to nonprofits in Fairfield County and beyond. For more information, visit