The Stamford Public Education Foundation (SPEF) is an independent non-profit agency that partners with the Stamford Public Schools (SPS) to provide programs and resources that elevate the success of under resourced students in our community. As a valued partner, SPEF delivers direct services IN school buildings, including mentoring at the elementary, middle and high school levels, and our kindergarten readiness program for students who lack a pre-K experience.

In support of our community at large, SPEF’s parent leadership programs have a rich history of graduates who have supported the district by serving on PTOs, the PT Council, the Board of Education, and in other areas of civic engagement.

SPEF serves the richly diverse population of students and families in Stamford’s 22 Pre-K through 12th grade public schools. For the 2023-24 school year, 16,400 students are attending SPS:  52% identified as Hispanic, 26% as White, 13% as Black, 6% as Asian, and 3% as two or more races. Of these students, 65% are high-needs students, defined by the CT Department of Education as students with special education needs, are English Language Learners, and/or are eligible for free/reduced-price meals. Fifty-one percent of the students in the district are economically disadvantaged. More than 75 languages are spoken in the homes.



The mission of the Stamford Public Education Foundation is to elevate student success by delivering educational programs and solutions that promote equitable access to quality public education in Stamford.


We envision a community in which every student is prepared and inspired to thrive.


  • We believe all students have the right to benefit equally from a quality public education.
  • We believe SPEF has a responsibility to eliminate barriers that hinder students’ success.
  • We believe SPEF has strategic relationships and unique insight to support students in their pursuit of happiness.