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It’s Amazing What One Parent Can Do!

For 26 years, Stamford’s Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) has been teaching community members how to become advocates for children. Program participants learn:

• Communication, public speaking, and media advocacy skills

• An understanding of government budgets, policy, and laws that effect children

• How to work in political systems

The 20-week program includes a community-building retreat; instructional courses on community, personal development, and parent leadership; civics course on politics, policy and media; and a cumulative final community project.

The training is offered in English. Dinner is provided and transportation is available, as needed.

For the Children: Complementing the PLTI program, The Children’s Leadership Training Institute (CLTI) aims to enrich the power of children ages 5-12 to become change agents and assume leadership roles while increasing their capacity to develop and implement projects that will impact the community and foster continued community service. The 20-week literacy-based curriculum parallels the PLTI program, so children are learning the same concepts as their parents, and each week children go home with a free book.

Candidates for PLTI are selected from a pool of diverse applicants.

For more information and to get on the mailing list for next year’s class, please contact Regan Allan, PLTI Coordinator at (203) 539-1722 or

PLTI is a CT Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity & Opportunity family civics initiative. Mission Statement: The Parent Leadership Training Institute seeks to enable parents to become leading advocates for children. The cornerstones of the program are respect, validation, and a belief that when the tools of democracy are understood, the public will actively engage in civic life.

Parents Supporting Educational Excellence (PSEE)

PSEE is a 13-week program that provides participants with strategies and tools in order to partner with schools and improve education for all children. The curriculum focuses on the topics of leadership, change, educational policies and partnering. School leaders attend as guests to facilitate dialogue and policy partnerships. The program is offered in English. Childcare, dinner, and transportation are provided.

People Empowering People (UCONN PEP)

UCONN PEP is a 10-week program for adults that emphasizes the connection between individuals and community action. The curriculum focuses on values, communication, life skills, problem-solving, parenting, and developing leadership skills. The program is offered in Spanish, and dinner and transportation are provided.

A complement to the PEP program, Children’s People Empowering People (CPEP) aims to enrich the power of children ages 5-12 to assume leadership roles in order to foster community action. This is done through a 10-week literacy-based curriculum that parallels the adult PEP program. Each week, children go home with a free book to build their home library and reinforce what was learned in class with their parents. CPEP is offered in English.

Since 1997, the Stamford PLTI program has graduated 766 parent leaders. Our graduates serve in public offices, establish programs and non-profit organizations, set up scholarships, and lead community initiatives to improve the lives of Stamford children, families, and residents. PLTI/PEP assists future parent leaders in engaging purposefully within civic society to reach positive outcomes for children.

For the Alumni: To keep our graduates engaged and inspired, SPEF provides PLTI Alumni Engagement Programs. These include virtual skills-building workshops, opportunities to apply their learnings from the Institute through connections to leadership opportunities in our community, as well as ongoing social events. These programs provide graduates with skills to add to their “civic toolkit.”