Supporting Student Goals and Creating Thoughtful Change

For more than a decade, SPEF’s nationally recognized Middle School Mentoring Program has provided students with resources and guidance that help them succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. We partner with college, community, and corporate volunteers to give students weekly one-on-one and group mentoring sessions with trained volunteers. SPEF currently provides Middle School Mentoring for grades six through eight. SPEF’s Middle School Mentoring Program takes a holistic approach to serving our students.

Our volunteer mentors work with students to guide them through four primary objectives: setting goals, improving academic standing, becoming engaged in positive after-school activities, and preparing for post-secondary success. Students learn practical skills that are applicable both inside and outside of the classroom. To strengthen the program’s impact on each individual and help facilitate lasting change, students in SPEF’s Middle School Mentoring Program also meet with a SPEF Program Coordinator twice per month, providing case management and mentorship. Here, the Coordinator has the opportunity to identify individual needs and connect them to free resources:

  • Social-emotional (professional counseling),
  • Academic (tutoring),
  • Enrichment (coordinate outside-of-school activities with scholarships as needed),
  • Family engagement (resource connections)

To learn more, please contact or call (203) 965-7733.

Jeffry, Turn of River, 7th grade

“My mentor helped me be more confident; he understands us.”

Adela, Rippowam, 7th grade

“My mentor listened to me and gave me good advice.”

Ivan, Cloonan, 8th grade

“My mentor helped me in setting goals, being organized and learning new things.”