For more than a decade, SPEF’s nationally-recognized mentoring program provides middle school students who need additional academic and/or social support with resources and guidance required to be successful. It partners college and corporate volunteers for weekly one-on-one mentoring sessions with students. The four primary objectives are: help students set goals, improve their academic standing, become engaged in positive after school activities and prepare for college, career training, or full-time employment after high school graduation.

“I learned that I am smarter than I give myself credit for. I was able to move up to Honors Math and Honors Science. In 2017, I want to get high honors.” – Giddeon, Turn of River Middle School

“Mentoring has taught me how to set goals and strive to be successful. My favorite part was being able to talk with my mentor and express my feelings.” – Shantel, Rippowam Middle School

“I learned that I am a leader and not a follower.” – Ethan, Rippowam Middle School