After the ups and downs of the pandemic learning environment, give your children extra support this school year. Whether your students need help building on what they learned or reinforcing core skills, our free TutorU program can make sure they’ve mastered grade-level milestones and are well prepared.

Plus, because we’re aligned with the Stamford Public Schools curriculum in English and math, we’ll cover all of the necessary foundational skills to ensure your child’s success. This can be especially helpful for students who have transitioned into middle or high school this September.

TutorU provides students in grades 6 through 12 with one-on-one tutoring services in English and math twice a week. Sessions are available Monday through Saturday for maximum family convenience.

The foundation for this program is built on seven years of experience tutoring Stamford Public Schools’ students who often need additional academic and social-emotional support to prepare for post-secondary success. During remote learning, tutoring has proven to be a critical service for many students in Stamford.

This program is offered for free and funded by private grants.

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SPEF offers a flexible tutoring schedule to meet the availability and learning style of each student. Sessions can take place at home, at a community location or virtually depending on what works best for each family.

Here’s what makes TutorU a great choice for Stamford parents:

TutorU aligns its support to the Stamford Public Schools curriculum in both math and English. Tutoring is designed to ensure students meet important grade-level milestones.

SPEF has been a partner with the Stamford Public Schools since its inception in 1996. The non-profit organization delivers educational programs and services including mentoring and tutoring that bridge the gap between needs in the schools and resources in our community.

Funding from private grants allows our TutorU sessions to be offered for free.

Not all students learn in the same way. Therefore, following an initial assessment, our team creates an individual educational plan for each student to best suit their learning needs.

Tutors blend academic instruction with growth in areas such as goal-setting, improving organizational skills, time management, and developing good study habits.

Funds raised through TutorU can support additional tutoring for students at the lower end of the opportunity gap.


Tutoring sessions are provided by specialized Academic Support Coaches who are selected after a thorough evaluation and interview process. This includes content assessment, a formal interview, and a mock tutorial with student volunteers to assess their instructional techniques and style. Those selected undergo a rigorous training process in the most effective techniques to support students as they strive for excellence.

Our coaches include educators who are both experienced and familiar with the Stamford Public Schools curriculum on which our tutoring curriculum is based. They work to personalize instruction for each student based on their individual academic strengths and areas for improvement. Our approach blends academic instruction with general skills such as time management and developing good study habits to elevate students beyond the tutoring experience.

Here’s what our Academic Support Coaches have to say about TutorU:

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