STAMFORD, CT — March 17, 2016 – The Stamford Public Education Foundation (SPEF) today announced the Pitney Bowes Foundation is supporting its Stamford Mentoring Program with a grant of $30,000. This year’s grant marked the 16th consecutive year that the Pitney Bowes Foundation has supported SPEF initiatives. Pitney Bowes and the Pitney Bowes Foundation provide financial support to qualified organizations for literacy and education programs at the national level and through public education foundations, community organizations, and after-school programs in areas where they have a significant local presence.

7941SPEF’s nationally-recognized Stamford Mentoring Program serves over 700 elementary, middle and high school students in the Stamford Public Schools. It provides students who need additional academic and/or social support with resources and guidance required to be successful. The program partners college, community and corporate volunteers with students in the Stamford Public Schools. The four primary objectives are: help students set goals, improve their academic standing, become engaged in positive after-school activities and prepare for college, career training or full-time employment after high school graduation.

Pitney Bowes has been a long-time supporter of public education, providing funding, technology and expertise to non-profits working on literacy and education at every stage from early childhood through adulthood, with a special focus on programs designed to help close the achievement gap and strengthen the future workforce. Programs supported include national and regional after-school and summer reading programs, school system investments, and mentoring and job training initiatives. “Pitney Bowes continues to be an amazing supporter of educational initiatives that support Stamford students. They truly understand the value of enriching the educational experiences of our youth. Over the years, hundreds of SPEF students have benefited from Pitney Bowes generosity to the Stamford Mentoring Program,” said SPEF CEO, Matthew Quinones.

IMG_20150418_142742387_edited2Pitney Bowes also contributed $4,500 to SPEF in support of the 2015 Stamford All-School Musical production of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”. Stamford’s All-School Musical is a unique, afterschool musical theater program that brings together Stamford public, private and parochial school students from elementary, middle and high school. Each year, a full-scale, professional-level musical is presented, under the guidance of theater professionals, educators, and dedicated volunteers.