The Stamford Public Education Foundation’s Work Study program brings volunteer opportunities onsite to local businesses in the area. SPEF works collaboratively with local high schools to run ten consecutive workshops during the school year to help business and finance students develop an effective resume, hone their interview skills, receive financial literacy training, practice their presentation skills and develop an understanding of the corporate sector. SPEF provides the volunteers with written instructions at each session to ensure that every interaction is professional, effective and productive for both the students and the volunteers. The head of the business department at Stamford High School notes, “The SPEF partnership with Stamford High School has afforded business students and teachers the opportunity to network with volunteers from RBS. The various topics that are covered reinforce and complement real-world experiences! GREAT PROGRAM! Thank you!” [one_half]Programs_WorkStudy4[/one_half][one_half_last]Programs_WorkStudy3[/one_half_last]