SPEF is continually committed to supporting our mission of delivering educational programs and resources that elevate student, educator, and parent success by bridging the gap between needs in the Stamford Public Schools and resources in our community.  Our areas of focus have been for Pre-K – 12th grade, but starting last summer SPEF began to address the needs of Stamford students graduating from our high schools.

Addressing the Challenge: 

In the Stamford Public Schools Class of 2018, 72% of students were enrolled in college the year following graduation (3% of that same class had plans to join the military or to go straight into employment after high school). Yet in regards to persistence, a staggering 35% of Stamford’s high school graduates do not graduate with a college degree six years after enrolling in college. In addition, between 12-14% of Stamford’s high school graduates who have been accepted to college do not enroll. And, those who leave high school to begin work right away are often unprepared for the workforce, lacking the proper technical, vocational, or the functional living skills to succeed in today’s competitive workforce.

SPEF’s Post-Secondary Planning Programs:

Bridge to College



Photo: Michael Cummo, Hearst Connecticut Media