The Challenge: High school is over. What’s Next?

In the Stamford Public Schools’ Class of 2018, 72% of students were enrolled in college the year following graduation, with 3% of that same class planning to join the military or secure employment after high school. However, regarding persistence, a staggering 35% of Stamford’s high school graduates do not graduate with a college degree six years after enrolling in college. And those who leave high school to begin work right away are often unprepared for the workforce, lacking the proper technical, vocational, or functional living skills to succeed in today’s competitive workforce.


SPEF’s Solution: Pathways helps high school seniors build a foundation for the future.

This summer SPEF is excited to launch Pathways, a free post-secondary support program for Stamford Public Schools’ high school students who indicate they are interested in following a vocational, technical, or military career, or who have not yet identified a college or career track when graduating from high school.

With Pathways, students preparing to complete grade 12 will receive group and individualized academic and career support beginning in the summer after their senior year, continuing for one year after high school graduation. Recent graduates from Stamford high schools are also eligible to participate in the program. Staffed by experienced college and career readiness educators, each enrolled student receives advice and support as they realize their post-graduation goals.

Engineering students selecting drill bits for a CNC machine

Components of Pathways include:

  • Bi-weekly, one-on-one counseling sessions to help you identify career interests
  • Monthly Professional Development workshops such as: financial literacy, resume building, interviewing, and career exploration
  • Personalized Career Path Tracker to guide a student’s progress towards their identified career path
  • A $1,000 stipend to offset post-secondary costs