SPEF’s NextGen program brings elementary students on-site to local businesses. Each week, corporate volunteers work with 2nd-5th grade students who are selected due to their family’s economic standing and their lack of enrollment in other after-school activities. The program helps students improve grades, expand horizons, and allow corporate volutneers to have a positive impact on the future of Stamford’s next generation. Currently, SPEF partners with the Boys & Girls Club to pair Roxbury Elementary School students in grades two through five with volunteers from NatWest Markets. The students and volunteers meet weekly for hour-long sessions.
“Having a chance to interact with the children has been really great. When you have a stressful day and you’re worried about work, having the chance to take an hour away from the desk and do something rewarding with these kids… it feels as though my blood pressure goes down by twenty points! I feel much more relaxedd. These sessions help me have a better day.” – Volunteer, Next Generation