Each year over 1,300 new students enter the Stamford Public School (SPS) district. Kindergarten plays an important role in shaping these young learners. It is necessary that these students have a positive classroom experience to ignite their lifelong love of learning. The Stamford Public Education Foundation (SPEF) is committed to helping teachers, students, and families have a positive experience that leaves them prepared to enter Kindergarten.

How are SPEF’s Kindergarten Readiness Programs Impacting our Community This Year?

Summer Start: Successfully expanded this kindergarten readiness program to serve 61 students entering
kindergarten in Fall 2019, who had not previously benefited from attending preschool.

PELI (Preschool Early Learning Indicator): administered this story book-based literacy assessment to 90% of
the district’s incoming kindergartners to identify their current literacy capabilities of Stamford’s.


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Summer Start

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