Each year over 1,300 new students enter the Stamford Public School (SPS) district. Kindergarten plays an important role in shaping these young learners. It is necessary that these students have a positive classroom experience to ignite their lifelong love of learning.

SPEF is committed to helping teachers, students, and families have a positive early education experience. It all begins with registering your child for kindergarten.

SPEF’s Summer Start Early Learning Experience

July 6 – August 6, 8:30 am – 1:30 pm
Hart Magnet Elementary School

Summer Start is a FREE 5-week, half-day program for children entering the Stamford Public Schools (SPS) who have not had a complete preschool or Kindergarten experience.

Since March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many students having significant challenges and gaps in their learning. Before entering formal learning in the Stamford Public Schools, SPEF wants to ensure that each child has the opportunity to enjoy a safe, fun, and nurturing Pre-K learning experience.

SPEF’s Summer Start provides engaging classroom activities, combined with theme-based, hands-on projects and fun field trips to build math and literacy skills—aligned with Connecticut Core State Standards. Summer Start gives young learners an opportunity to engage in classroom routines while interacting socially with fellow rising SPS students. It can help lessen the anxiety and stress some children feel when starting their first formal schooling. Studies also show that Pre-K and Kindergarten instruction sets a strong foundation for future academic and social success.

If your child is 4, 5, or 6 years old and has not had a full Pre-K or Kindergarten experience during the 2020-21 school year:

Questions? Contact 203-302-9847 or lenriquez@spefct.org (English/Spanish).

Kindergarten Registration

To register a student for Stamford Public Schools you must provide:
• Original birth certificate
• Photo ID of parent or legal guardian
• Two (2) forms of proof of address
• Current physical exam and immunization record

Click here to visit the Stamford Public School’s Kindergarten registration page, or
call (203) 977-5312.

Need help registering your child? Staff at Here-to-Help can answer your questions! Click here to submit your Needs Request.