Educational Challenges Resulting from COVID-19

Stamford Public Schools is serving nearly 17,000 students throughout its 21 schools with a combination of in-school and virtual instruction. This new learning model has created challenges for many students and their families. Access to technology and the ability to use it effectively have been identified as a major barrier to learning. Other issues compounding educational hurdles during the pandemic include transportation, childcare, language barriers, and the ability to effectively communicate with school officials.

SPEF’s Response:

Since the start of COVID-19, SPEF has reimagined its programming to focus on the most urgent needs in our community, starting with engaging volunteers to distribute free meals to students throughout our district. With the launch of our new program, Here-to-Help family engagement program, SPEF is once again bridging the gap between the critical needs of disadvantaged families and our community’s resources.



During this time of crisis, SPEF staff is working alongside the Stamford Public Schools district to connect with students and their families to discover their needs — and link them with the best solution provider. We are reaching out to individual families using a newly established phone and text hotline staffed with multi-lingual personnel and creating an information portal related to childcare and distance learning.


What resources and/or support services are needed to enable a student to be successful in either the hybrid learning model or as a member of the Distance Teaching and Learning Academy? By collaborating with a SPEF Program Coordinator, parents will share their issues, concerns, and needs for each of their students. SPEF will uncover and document these needs, such as technology (laptops, hotspots, Parent Portal/PowerSchool, Google Classroom), transportation, translation, childcare, healthcare, or even something unique and individual.


SPEF is here to help your family. Simply contact us through one of the ways below and we will get back to you shortly to begin working with your family:


SPEF will monitor the progress of each student and track their progress.

We know that if the students in Stamford’s public schools have the tools and support services they need, they will thrive despite the hardships and pronounced inequities that this pandemic has brought. At SPEF we’re working every day to educate and empower our next generation.