4.25.19 (17)

Learning How to Make an Impact

Service-learning is an acclaimed educational strategy that integrates meaningful community service with academic instruction and reflection. Using  real-life lessons about civic responsibility, SPEF enriches the traditional classroom experience by educating students on the importance of giving back and strengthening your bond with your community.   

SPEF’s Service-Learning Program is currently running for third through fifth grade classrooms in Stamford Public Schools. Classrooms participate in weekly mentoring sessions in which volunteer high school mentors discuss topics with their mentees related to service-learning. Each session concludes with a community service project, such as stocking shelves at the food bank, creating and sending holiday cards to soldiers, or cleaning up school playgrounds and parks.   

To learn more, please contact programas@spefct.org or call (203) 965-7733.  

Kyle, Hart Elementary School

“Mi actividad favorita era limpiar Mill River Park porque me gustaba trabajar con mi mejor amigo. Fue bueno ayudar a mejorar el mundo”. 

Evan, Davenport Elementary School

“Me gusta el Programa de mentores de Stamford porque tengo un mentor divertido y aprendí a ser amable y ayudar a nuestra comunidad”.