It’s amazing what one person can do! Stamford’s Parent Leadership Training Institute in partnership with the Stamford Public Education Foundation is pleased to announce the 8th year of the University of Connecticut People Empowering People Program (UConn PEP) taking place for 10 weeks October in Spanish at the Stamford Government Center, 888 Washington Boulevard. The goals and objectives of the 10 sessions are to develop a greater understanding of personal qualitites, increase communication skills, and improve understanding of community involvement.

A complement to the PEP program, the Children’s People Empowering People (CPEP) aims to enrich the power of children ages 5-12 to assume leadership roles in order to foster community action. This is done through a 10-week literacy based curriculum that parallel’s the adult PEP program. Each week, children will go home with a free book to build their home library and reinforce what was learned in class with their parents. CPEP will be offered in English. Free dinner will be provided.

If you have any questions, please contact Ana Gallegos, 203-219-0817 or Toni Khan, 203-979-6560. To find out more about other leadership programs such as PLTI, please contact Regan Allan at