Stamford preschool providers lack the funding resources and staff support to implement a standardized assessment tool based on industry best practices. An assessment tool is needed to identify the current literacy capabilities of Stamford’s Pre-K youth so preschool teachers can determine the type of instruction needed to ensure all students reach benchmarked goals, while increasing opportunities for students who are performing at basic or advanced levels to elevate their achievement. Starting with a pilot program in August 2017, SPEF implemented the Preschool Early Literacy Indicator (PELI) program for Pre-K students in the Stamford community. These students will be administered three assessments during the course of the school year: baseline intermediate, and transitional. PELI is a storybook-embedded assessment of essential pre-literacy and oral language skills needed for kindergarten. The assessment is designed to identify children who are experiencing difficulties acquiring these skills with intent to provide the instructional support needed to improve future reading outcomes. The assessment is designed for pre-kindergarten students (ages 3-5). PELI measures alphabet knowledge, vocabulary and oral language, phonemic awareness, and listening comprehension. SPEF is excited to be able to assist the district by providing the funding resources and staffing support to identify the current literacy capabilities of Stamford’s Pre-K youth.