Westover Magnet Elementary School,Silver Medal,World Finalist

The team was challenged to present the story of an Emoji who travels into the future. In the team version of the year 3019, people don't talk to each other anymore, they just communicate through their phones, and thus they are always unhappy, or grouchy, or sassy.

Students (L to R): Meher Jain , Owen Fedeli, , Kaven Zhao, Faizal Hussain, Sam Fedeli, Katelin Zhao, Shom Hassija, , (with Omer, OoTM Mascot).

Coach: Josh Fedeli
Goal $ 8,000.00
11.25% towards our goal
$ 900.00 raised
Mary Fedeli
$ 75.00
Good Luck to Sam & Owen and the Westover Team!
Linda & Chris
$ 50.00
Yay Owen & Sam. Hope you ♥️ Iowa!
Anthony And Maggie
$ 50.00
Good luck!
Amy B
$ 50.00
Congratulations and good Luck!
Marianne Cardillo
$ 25.00
You guys rock!!! Good Luck!!!
Nana And Papa Joe
$ 50.00
Good luck Owen and Sam and Westover Team
$ 100.00
Have fun in Iowa 😉
Dimple And Neha Masi
$ 100.00
Good luck Meher and team. Do your best
Jani & Jim Pallis
$ 50.00
Good Luck Owen, Sam and Westover team
Mike Fedeli
$ 25.00
Good luck!
Meredith Lewis
$ 50.00
Good Luck!!!