Toquam Elementary School, Gold medal, World Finalist

The team created Marshey's Bar, a space hangout where different creatures come looking for their space treasure - WiFi! The team-created humorous performance includes original creatures, space food, and a 3-D interactive map.

Students (L to R): Alexander Barker, Noah Washington, Mritika Omkumar, Nicole Jimenez, Andres Zarta, Nikolas Rinaldi, Aishani Salodkar (with Omer, OoTM Mascot).

Coaches: Janet Inzitari & Claudia Vettorazzi
Goal $ 8,000.00
41.88% towards our goal
$ 3,350.00 raised
Aunt Marie
$ 100.00
Congratulations and good luck to Janet and the team and the amazing students. Very proud of you Janet.
$ 75.00
Congrats Mritika and Aisani’s team. Keep rocking! We are all rooting for you.
Balan Family
$ 50.00
Wishing Mrithika, Aishani and the entire Stamford team the very best at Iowa.
Mandar Shastri
$ 100.00
Aishani Congrats and good luck to the team, very proud of you Aishani.
$ 50.00
Good luck to Toquam's Odyssey Team!!!!!!!
Diane S.
$ 100.00
Good Luck all, hope this helps get you there
Saketh & Vasudha
$ 75.00
Congratulations Mritika and team!! Wish you all the very best in the finals!!
Francois Magnant
$ 100.00
Go Toquam team!!!
$ 30.00
$ 100.00
Dear Mritika and Team, Good luck in the world finals. I am sure you guys will do great.
Uncle Verge & Aunt Anne
$ 100.00
BIG Congrats NOAH to you and the Toquam Team. Very proud of you. We know you all will do well in Iowa.
Ms. Hall
$ 200.00
Congratulations! Keep up the hard work, and break a leg in Iowa!
$ 50.00
Tom Wilkinson
$ 100.00
You guys are the future, it is inspiring to see you stretch you wings and minds!
Raphael Blunschi
$ 100.00
Good luck!
Brad Matthews
$ 50.00
Good luck Mritika
Synapse Group, Inc.
$ 500.00
Congratulations Aishani and team!
Aunt Kia
$ 100.00
Congratulations Noah! I am so proud of you and the Toquam team. I know that you will do your best but don't forget to have FUN!
$ 50.00
Good luck in Iowa!
Jefferies Family
$ 40.00
Uncle James, Aunt Cherice, Terrell and Jordan are extremely proud of you and your team Noah.
Lisa Thomas
$ 50.00
Congratulations, Mritika!
Gannu Family
$ 100.00
Congratulations and Good Luck Aishani and Toquam Team !