The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is impacting students and families in our community. At SPEF, we are working closely with the City of Stamford and Stamford Public Schools to do all we can to support their most urgent needs with a variety of programming.

Grab and Go Meal Distribution

The Stamford Public School district is providing Grab and Go Meals for anyone under the age of 18, a sites throughout the City.

In March, SPEF began supporting the Stamford Public School district’s Grab and Go Meals program. SPEF quickly and effectively organized a roster of volunteers who have assisted by distributing meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) for students 18 years old and younger throughout our community. Since April 1st, SPEF’s Grab-and-Go Meals volunteers have filled an average of 57 shifts per week, having contributed over 1,135 volunteer hours, and helping to distribute nearly 250,000+ meals.

We are very grateful for the committed caring adults helping our community efforts during this time! If you are interesting in helping SPEF support the Grab and Go Meals Program, please complete the attached form and a coordinator will get back to you.

Books Across Stamford 

In collaboration with The Ferguson Library, SPEF is rolling out our Books Across Stamford Program to Grab and Go Meals sites spread throughout Stamford. As families stop by local schools and community centers to collect their meals, they will also be able to pick up new books to add to their home libraries. Special thank you to Reading is FUNdamental for donating 2,500 books, enabling us to kick off this initiative on May 14th. More giveaways are anticipated throughout the school year and into the summer.

To contribute your time as a Books Across Stamford volunteer, complete this form: Volunteer Sign-Up.


Home Work Helpers

For more than a decade SPEF has matched students and caring volunteers to shape the lives of Stamford’s young learners. This year we have achieved a milestone of mentoring 1,000+ students annually, and have approximately 100 students engaged in math tutoring session each school day.

The outbreak and impact of COVID-19 has led to the need for distance learning programs and as a result, SPEF is leveraging its area of expertise by collaborating with its long-time partner, the Ferguson Library, to launch Home Work Helpers.

Home Work Helpers  is complementing the distance learning initiatives being provided by the district by offering FREE  online, interactive academic help for students in all grade levels, Monday—Friday. Children can receive help across all subject areas, including but not limited to math, English/reading, science and history.

“Thank you so much for making this program work with the distance learning. I definitely would love to see this continue in the fall, and keep Dylan on the roster with his mentor. I’ve known that Dylan has enjoyed being in this program, and being around while he has been having his online meetings with his mentor Kristen has really shown me first hand what a positive influence this has on him. I am so grateful for the time that Kristen gives to my son. Thank you to all of you for making this happen, it’s made more of a difference than we ever expected.”

-Home Work Helpers parent feedback

Stay tuned for more information about this program’s potential revival in Fall of 2020.