The Stamford Public Education Foundation offers internships during the fall and spring semester. Internship opportunities are available in development, operations, and programming. Interns work under the direct supervision of experienced SPEF staff to expand their knowledge of the non-profit world while developing skills and gaining experience in their chosen field. In addition to the day-to-day intern responsibilities, interns partake in a group project. Internships also include a professional development component.


Testimonials from past interns:


“My experience with SPEF has been a great one in a short amount of time. I enjoy working with SPEF staff at the four mentor and service learning projects I participate in. I also like that everyone knows everyone and it is a close knit organization. They make you feel a part of every aspect and it feels as if I’m making a difference in children’s lives being apart of SPEF.”

Anabell Andrade – Programs Intern


“SPEF has given me the opportunity to learn about the day-to-day functions of a non-profit and about the demographics of the Stamford Public School System. I really like the way SPEF’s intern program is structured. Not only am I learning about the development process, but I am working with a team of interns to create a program that can be implemented in Stamford’s public schools. I am gaining a valuable experience.”

Bjorn Burke – Development Intern


“I have had a great experience here at SPEF. Because of the small work environment, you really get the attention and assistance you need to develop skills that you can use in the future. You are more than just an intern; you are an integral part of the SPEF team.”

Lauren Cellucci – Marketing & Communications Intern


Interested applicants should visit our Join the Team page to find available internship opportunities.